Piece of mind:

We at Olieberg Ship Managers keep our clients informed by employing the cutting edge GPS technology of AisLIVE to track ships & voyages in real time.

Cutting cost:

Local customs laws make it possible for commercial freight to pass through Curacao virtually untouched by local taxes and therefore protecting your profit margins.

Voyage times:

As a part of the Dutch kingdom, Curacao boasts regular and frequent trade with the European Union by way of Holland.

Dutch sea freight vessels leave our island every 2 to 3 weeks. 

Dutch air freight planes leave our island every 72 hours.

Geographical location:

Curacao is the gate keeper to the European and American markets,

with direct shipping lines to:

  • South America (Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela and more)
  • Europe (Holland, Russia, Africa and more)
  • The United States (Florida)

  • How have your shipping needs evolved?
  • How do you connect with Europe?
  • ​Who can you call on with over 30 years of experience in Caribbean Freight?
  • Who can help you cut costs in commercial forwarding?
  • Which company can you trust to keep you informed every step of the way?